Boxing Session


We're talking about YOUR workout, YOUR body and YOUR goals. YOUR training should be specifically tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve YOUR goals. I promise to do just that with comprehensive, unique and personalized workouts everytime we train together.

Some examples of private training sessions would be:

- technical boxing skill development/training/sparring

- muscle-building

- weight loss/fat loss

- a combination of the above (again, totally based on your goals!)

Many of my clients love to learn how to box/kickbox (i.e. hitting the bag, mitts, boxing drills) as part of their workout and are impressed with the results. Fitness boxing is an incredible full-body workout that tones and transforms. I also do all "traditional" training sessions for those who don't care box as part of the workout.


Sport-specific training enables athletes to get stronger, faster and better at their respective sport. This type of training is for serious athletes who want to see progress in their skill, speed (hands & feet), precision, power, endurance, balance, reaction time, focus, discipline and mental toughness. Cross-training is commonly implemented by professional-level coaches for some of the world's best athletes!
I have had the pleasure of working with high school athletes to increase performance, resulting in athletic scholarships. I've helped clients in the military stay in shape and recruits increase athletic ability before boot camp. Additionally, I’ve trained collegiate athletes from DI, DII and DIII schools, as well as professional athletes.
I have experience working with athletes from multiple sports, including: football, basketball, tennis, swimming, softball, MMA and more!

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Small group training can be an effective and less costly way for you to achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you want to train with a group of friends for fun, you and your significant other want to bond while you workout or you and your best friend need some encouragement, I can make something work for everyone!


Custom corporate programs are available.  I can travel to your office, you can come to the gym or a mixture of both.  Please call or email to inquire.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


Fitness Boxing

Private and group sessions are also available online.

Online group sessions are done via live stream.

One-on-one sessions can be done live or through a programmed, set plan which is updated in an app with weekly check-ins (or a combination of both).